Our kitchen / Your kitchen

The perfect kitchen is a community area which is open to anyone.

We are extremely different, coming from extremely different places and backgrounds – but one thing is common in us: we all love gastronomy and cooking. Eating is an important part in the life of all of us. It has effect on our health, it plays a significant role in our relationships, and it is also a source of experience which affects all our senses. Maki believes that the cooked food should nourish not only the body, but also the mind and soul, and our love and care must be added as ingredients to our cooking. 

From time immemorial, cooking for each other and eating together have been the basic manifestations of love, respect and care towards each other. Culinary delights give us a wide range of experience every day, from fulfilling our basic needs to artistically composed sophisticated meals. The rite of cooking and eating is simultaneously profane and sacral, artistic and pragmatic. It gives a chance for such a complex level of self-expression which is no other form of art can be characterized with. It means something different for everybody, and similarly, everybody reaches the desired state of flow in a different way. For us, cooking is one of the means to achieve this goal. It can be found in the selection of the ingredients, in the unlimited creative freedom of production, in the joy of improvisation and in the calming process of construction. Now, we invite you to accompany us on this never-ending adventure of discovery.

Who are we?

The history of Makifood dates back to 2006, when, after a lot of urge from her friends, Maki decided to open her kitchen for the public and started her first courses which have ever since enjoyed continuous popularity. We have already grown out her kitchen since then, so in 2009 we moved to our brand-new gastro-atelier where we can indulge in what we love the most. Our aim was to create a gastro-cultural community area teeming with life where besides cookery courses, we welcome art exhibitions, exclusive pop-up dinners, events, team-building occasions, gastro photo-shootings, a community office, workshops and lectures. We are proud to work together with the best and most dedicated Hungarian and international experts. Among our courses, you can find all-time favourites, seasonal novelties and unique occasions. No matter if we speak about easy-to-make recipes or advanced master courses, we never make a compromise concerning the quality of the ingredients and the practice of sustainability.


Targeting the issues of sustainability and waste reduction are considered as our central mission, and we also strive to achieve a change of attitude in these fields. Our partners are selected on this basis, no matter if it is about the purchase of meat, vegetables or detergents, the selection of our teachers or our everyday operations.